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We believe the percentage based commission pricing model is outdated and no longer necessary.

Home buyers and sellers shouldn't pay for more than they need, so we've created A La Carte real estate service plans. All plans can be adjusted to as many or as few Realtor services as you need, and you Only Pay For What You Need.



Great Realtors work hard for their clients, and can save you money, time and hassle when buying or selling a house. If you do all the legwork, paperwork, and are experienced and prepared to create your own great result, then why pay full price to a real estate brokerage?

You may still need some help along the way from an expert. This is a lot of money after all. We've helped more than 1,000 families buy and sell their homes. Get the additional safety and expertise of a professional Realtor. You can leverage our expertise to your advantage; as much or as little as you need.


We don't have the usual overhead of other agencies or brokerages. We're a Cloud Based and Virtual real estate office so our expenses are a fraction of other brokerages. We're process oriented and operate at an extremely high level of efficiency, without sacrificing quality. We pass our savings along to our clients in the form of reduced real estate commissions. We don't pay for things we don't need, why should you?

Check out our tiered Seller or Buyer pricing to see which level of service works for you.


You buy and sell properties all the time, you don't need the same level of expertise as a first time buyer, or those who buy/sell homes a handful of times in their lives.

You may not need a full service, full price real estate agent. Contact us to learn what a discount real estate brokerage can do for you.

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Flat Fee & Discount Real Estate Services

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Attention Agents


Do you believe in service over profit?  Committed to creating the best results for clients without kicking up commissions to a national chain or paying for unneeded office space and ancillary services?  You may be a good fit for our team.

We only hire experienced agents, with no history of complaints or ethics violations.

If you have a complimentary business and a license, let's talk about our referral program.