renovations your northern va home needs

Value-Add Renovations Your Northern VA Home Needs Before Selling

It isn’t always easy to sell a home in Northern Virginia. Depending on where you are, there can be significant competition. However, there is a lot sellers can do to make their homes more attractive and increase value. By tackling the renovations your Northern VA home needs, you can do a lot to help it sell.

This post will cover some of the top value-add renovations for homes in Northern Virginia.

Top Renovations Your Northern VA Home Needs Before Selling

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first spaces buyers want to see when they look at homes for sale. It can easily cost you a sale if it is old or looks worn. Doing a full teardown and renovation would be too much, but there is a lot you can do. For example, you could replace the countertops and refinish the cabinets. Polishing or replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers can also help. You could also consider regrouting the tile floor.

Fix Flooring

The condition of your floors can also be a significant point concerning the value of your home. If the floors look old, worn, or damaged, it will impact buyers’ opinions. You could consider replacing some floors if they are too worn or damaged. However, some types of flooring might just need a little work. Refinishing wood floors can make a big difference. You could also hire professional carpet cleaners to restore the look of old carpets.


Painting is probably one of the best renovations to do before selling. It is relatively low cost, and it can do so much to enhance the look of your house. You might not even need to repaint the entire home. Walk around the house with a notepad and take notes concerning the look of the home’s walls and ceilings. If walls have dings, scratches, or scuffs, repaint them. You’ll also want to fix any holes along with repainting.

New Lights

Light fixtures can have a significant influence on a buyer’s impression of a home. If your home is old, the light fixtures might be out of style. Many homes also come with cheaper light fixtures that do not provide good lighting. By replacing light fixtures, you can enhance the home’s style and improve lighting.

Storage Upgrades

Storage can make a big difference when selling a house. Check out your closets to consider the shelves and storage features. If there isn’t much there, you can add shelves and racks to make them more useful. You can buy closet storage systems at most home improvement stores. Consider these upgrades for bedroom closets and the linen closet.

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