Real Estate Agents Review Builder Contracts

How Real Estate Agents Review Builder Contracts Part 1

Real estate agents can do a lot to help homebuyers. It is even true when buying a new home for a builder. One of the more valuable services they provide is reviewing contracts from builders. Have you ever wondered how real estate agents review builder contracts?

This post will cover how real estate agents review builder contracts.

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How Real Estate Agents Review Builder Contracts

Understanding the Client’s Needs

The real estate agent would first gain an understanding of the client’s needs. They need to understand the client’s goals and needs before they can assess a contract. The real estate agent may ask you what you are looking for in a home and what you need. They might also ask a range of specific questions.

Reviewing the Terms

Once they understand your needs and goals, they can review the contract terms. Contract terms include the payment schedule, project duration, materials, and other essential factors.

Warranties and Guarantees

There should be warranties and guarantees in every builder contract. Your real estate agent will verify whether the warranties and guarantees are fair and adequate. Various situations can affect the project, and you want to know you have protection.

Cost Transparency

Some builder contracts will have hidden costs, such as assessment fees and other unclear expenses. Your real estate agent will check the contract to ensure you know all costs upfront.


Every state has laws and regulations regarding contracts and construction. Real estate agents will review the builder contract to ensure it is legal and enforceable. Ensuring legal compliance in the contract can help buyers avoid problems later.

Connecting With Other Professionals

Most real estate agents build a network of other local professionals over their careers. That means they can connect you with attorneys, inspectors, and other professionals if needed. They can also coordinate with these professionals to make the project smoother.

There is more to buying a new construction home than just the building process. Contracts play a significant role. A real estate agent can review the contracts to ensure all points are covered.

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