Costs of selling a home

5 Optional Costs of Selling a Home

Selling a home costs money. Covering property taxes and paying off the mortgage are standard selling costs that sellers typically can’t avoid. However, there are various costs that can be avoided so you can keep more of the sale proceeds or spend less during the sales process. However, some of the optional costs may offer value to the seller. Read on to learn about the optional costs of selling a home.

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The Optional Costs of Selling a Home

Seller Concessions

Buyers have various closing costs when they purchase a home. In some cases, they might request seller concessions to reduce closing costs. For example, they might want the seller to pay the remaining property taxes for the year or cover title insurance. Concessions are optional, but they could help you make the sale.


With a pre-inspection, the seller pays for an inspection before listing the property. A pre-inspection helps you catch issues before buyers have their inspections. While it is optional, a pre-inspection can be beneficial by giving you a chance to address problems beforehand. You can also use the report to attract buyers.

Staging and Cleaning

Cleaning and staging the home are vital steps to present the best possible version of your home. Professional cleaning and staging can go a long way. However, you don’t have to pay for these services. A seller can save money by cleaning and staging the home independently.

Repairs and Improvements

The seller has likely lived in the home for many years. There is a possibility that they aren’t even the first owners. There are likely to be wear and tear issues. Various home improvements could also help the home sell or increase value. You don’t have to make repairs or upgrades before selling a home. The only issue is that the buyer might want to negotiate a lower price to account for repairs.

Real Estate Commissions

You could save money on real estate commissions by selling without an agent. Agents typically get a percentage of the sale price in commission. Agents make selling much easier by doing all the legwork and handling the listing and marketing the property. Agents also know the local market and have professional connections that can help sell a home. Another option is to reduce the cost of commissions by working with a low-fee brokerage.

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